Early Access

The "Free Speech Partner Program"

We believe feedback should be universally easy to find and give. To encourage and facilitate public feedback on everything the .Feedback Registry is announcing a marketing program to all companies and individuals to purchase domains ahead of normal pricing with a few terms. Register the domain at a participating registrar during one of the days listed below. By allowing partners to get ahead of the crowd we believe sites will stay open and not closed by trademark brands looking to restrict free speech. We believe advocates of free speech should have the first opportunity to talk about a subject using a .Feedback domain. The registry's goal is to promote the use of the TLD. The restriction on domains sold during this period is that they use the free default feedback platform. The platform will mark websites sold as free speech partners. Any company can purchase during our early access program and receive a rebate if they agree to the following terms.

Terms of the program:
  • Purchase the domain during our Early Access Program (EAP):
    • Day 4: $2,415 rebate
    • Day 5: $1,815 rebate
    • Day 6: $1,215 rebate
    • Day 7 $415 rebate
    • Day 8 $415 rebate
    • Day 9 $415 rebate
    • Day 10 $415 rebate
    • Day 11 $415 rebate
    • Day 12 $415 rebate
  • Agree to keep the default registration type set to standard instead of self-serve for the life of the domain. (Use registry provided name servers)
  • Agree to the terms of the Claims period by Trademark Holders
  • No limit on the amount of domains.
The agreement to keep default name servers shall survive ownership transfers unless the transfer is initiated by the registry as part of the claims period. If the domain violates this agreement the registrant is subject to a $5,000 fee or the registry reserves the right to deny, cancel or transfer the registration. To receive your rebate, please mail the Registry with whois printout showing purchase date on Day 4 or later of EAP along with your mailing address. Your mailing address will need to match your whois record.

Registry Address:
DotFeedback, LLC
1845 W Mercer Way
Mercer Island, WA 98040

For Registrars:
To streamline that process we allow registrars to apply an instant rebate credit to their customers if they communicate which domains have agreed to the rebate. The Registry will credit the registrar's January CentralNic invoice for those funds. Please communicate all domains that used the instant rebate directly to the registry no later than the 25th of January. The invoice coming out for January will show the credit applied.

Note to Registrants:
If your registrar doesn't offer instant rebates, you will need to follow the mail in requirements listed above. You are only eligible to receive the rebate once. Therefore if your registrar granted you an instant rebate, you will not be eligible for the mail in rebate.