Standard vs. Self-Serve

Standard vs Self-Serve Registrations Types

For end-users

Two registration types

".Feedback" is a platform to receive feedback by default. However if users want to make their own websites they need to have the Self-Serve registration type enabled at their registrar.

Making the change to Self-Serve:

The change needs to be done by the Registrar. Some registrar allow you to toggle this yourself. Others require you phone them and they do it manually. If your registrar doesn't offer this ability, you may need to transfer to a registrar that does offer the Self-Serve mode.

For Registrars

By default every "EPP create" command makes a "Standard" registration in .feedback. There are no special EPP commands needed for registering. The Standard registration is designed to take advantage of the same commands all other domains in the world use. For example the process of registering a .XYZ domain is identical to a Standard .feedback registration. The benefit of a Standard .feedback registration is that it comes with the default feedback platform that Feedback SAAS, LLC provides to all domains. The nameservers listed in the .feedback zone file will be those of the feedback platform. However the nameservers provided with a Standard Registration will still be used for TXT, SRV, and MX records. It is important to note, only those three record types will be extracted and fetched from the registrant provided nameservers.

Adding nameservers to the .Feedback root zone:

It is possible to mutate a Standard Registration into a Self-Serve Registration at any point and likewise to mutate it back at any point. The base fee is always the same and only invoiced per domain year. The difference is that Self-Serve can be turned on and off and is invoiced on a monthly bases. In Self-Serve mode the registrant provided nameservers will be placed in the .feedback root zone. The registry suggests a $600 MSRP per year on domains that want to use custom nameservers.


The base registration fee regardless if they are Standard vs Self-Serve is MSRP $39.95. If the domain is currently set to Self-Serve mode there will be a billing event once a year of $600 MSRP.

Invoice timing:

We bill the registrar during annual renewal or a pro-rated amount during a conversion from Standard to Self-Serve. If the mode is switched back and forth, we don't recharge for time already paid for.