Live Site Requirement

 All domains in .feedback must resolve to a webpage.
  • DNS errors suck! In order to have a more perfect Internet we think all domains should resolve. As a registry we have a policy that all domains must be live. Thanks for making the world a more perfect place.

All domains in .feedback must serve the purpose of feedback.
  • The registry wants all consumers to know that if the domain is registered, they can find the place to give feedback by visiting the .feedback domain. In the case where domain owners have opted to host their own website this is still the requirement but the site owner is responsible for the website. Redirecting the domain to the frontpage of your main website is not useful unless you have a feedback form front and center on the root homepage. Most websites don't, so redirect your .feedback domain to an interior "contact us" or "support" webpage to comply with the Registry's bare minimum policy.

Example sites:
A clean crisp url looks great and is easy to give to customers. Easy to remember short URLs can be put on receipts, the back of packaging, points of sale, and just about anywhere. redirects to redirects to redirects to uses the default experience. uses the default experience.

Where can I read the rules covering the Live Site Requirement?