Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to use the .Feedback hosting platform?
  • FREE. The platform is provided with each domain registration by default.

How much does a .feedback domain cost?
  • .Feedback should be MSRP $39.95 (and includes a free feedback platform).

What if I want to host my own feedback website somewhere else?
  • Self-serve is very advanced. It requires separate nameservers, hosting and programming to pull off. All sites in .feedback are required to be able to collect feedback. Most users will not want this. We recommend this only for the most advanced users. The registrant will provide nameservers and select self-service mode after registering a standard registration. Self-serve mode is billed once a year at $750 MSRP. However self-serve mode can be turned on/off at anytime. If it is turned on part way through a year, we prorate the price. When self-serve is turned off the default platform usage will resume automatically.

What are the features of the feedback platform?
  • The platform is completely Turn-key. Nothing is required except following the terms of service with the feedback platform company. Check out the official dedicated Feedback Platform website or take a look at a demo site like Donald Trump Feedback.

What is the purpose of .feedback?
  • To enable a universal way to give feedback on everything. Person, place, thing, company, product, event and more; you name it and we help collect feedback on it. Register your passions, let the world start giving feedback on what you are passionate about. Everything in the whole world should have a .feedback domain.

Live site requirement.
How do I access the owner's area of the platform?
  • There are 4 ways to access the domain owner's control panel:
    • An email will be sent after registration with a login link.
    • Or click the "Manage this site" link in the upper right hand corner of your domain.
    • Or direct link to and enter your registrant email address.
    • Or registrar gives a direct link to the control panel. Example:

How do I access the login link? (Registrars can log you in automatically)
  • Direct access links are very powerful because they allow the domain owner to login to the control panel with just one click (This is advanced and it requires knowledge of the current authcode). As a registrar you may want to allow registrants easy access, this link can be embedded in your control panels.
    In PHP:
    $authcode = "jkau89sau2asei2"; // Populate using EPP auth code for the domain
    $domain = ""; // Populate using the domain name
    $code = substr(md5($authcode),0,10); //The code is the first 10 characters of the MD5
    header("Location: http://$domain/?auth=$code");
    In JAVA:
    import org.apache.commons.codec.digest.DigestUtils;
    String authcode = "jkau89sau2asei2"; // Populate using EPP auth code for the domain String domain = ""; // Populate using the domain name String code = DigestUtils.md5Hex(authcode).substring(0,10); //The code is the first 10 characters of the MD5 return "Location: http://" + domain + "/?auth=" + code";